"GREEN" Puts Its Mark on Tourism

Mar 14, 2022

The Tourism Research and Development Platform (TU-AR), which continues its activities within the body of the New Searches Initiative Platform Association (YAPDER), continues its work on the tourism sector without pausing.

Mesut Demir, Chairman of the Board of TheProEco, who made the opening speech of the event, said, “Our Theproeco brand reflects our identity. We aim to create a sustainable world with innovative steps in order to reduce the unconscious consumption that is increasing day by day and to ensure the use of the right products. In order to fulfill these goals, it is of great importance for us to ensure green agreement in concepts such as tourism, economy and marketing.

We are proud to have produced the most innovative and environmentally friendly paper product in our factory operating in Silivri, since 2016. The recent adoption of paper straws by powerful companies in Turkey has accelerated us. Due to the high consumption, we are responsible for protecting the environment and nature. In our products, we use raw materials obtained from trees grown in private forests. The use of disposable products has been encouraged due to the pandemic.

Especially in the tourism sector, the habits have changed. Many of the hotels we work with have renewed themselves with their environmentalist approach. From the energy they use to the glasses and straws they consume, the fact that all materials are natural has made the necessary certifications vital. Having a green certificate in EU standards has also added value to our company and supported us to progress on our way faster.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the 8 March International Women's Day of our female workers working within our company, the entrepreneurial women in the sector, and all our women.”.